The 2018 Louisbourg Race Through Time


A race 8 miles in length between two towns 274 years apart.

"Go from the year 2018 and run to the year

1744 and back again."

Last year's race had 178 runners.

Registration Fees: $35.00 until August 13th; $45.00 from August 14th – 17th at noon at Race Roster.  Run NS Members receive a $5.00 discount

Race kits can be picked up on Race Day between 3:30-5:30pm.

We are no longer accepting registrations on race day.


 Best Health Lists our Race as one of the 10 Must run races in Canada

Race Route

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This will be a chipped timed event


The race starts at 6:00


Online registration is available at RaceRoster.


You can also register by mail.


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Race Through Time Results For 2018

Previous Race Results(1995-2018)

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The 23nd annual race winner in the Men's Category was Rami Bardeesy in 46:42 and Emily Hamilton won in the Women's Category in 51:17

Record time for men set by Daniel McNeil of 41:54 in 2014. Record time for women set by Heather Goodfellow in 1998 in 49:14

Run through the world famous Fortress of Louisbourg


Race Site

The "Race Through Time" will take place in the community of Louisbourg, (Cape Breton) Nova Scotia at 6:00 P.M. Louisbourg is the home of the famous Fortress of Louisbourg, National Historic Park.

-" This race course was the most scenic and forgiving course I have ever raced on. I would definitely do this race over and over again. Great work!!" (Joy Higgins, Halifax) 

Course Description:

This race will be like no other that you have experienced! Beginnning and ending in the modern community of Louisbourg, the eight mile course is a historic journey to the 18th century. The runners will proceed over a route carved by the French almost 300 years ago, dominated by gently rolling hills and gentle breezes blowing in from the harbour. The initial 2.5 miles sees the runner passing the historic Royal Battery and proceeding from a paved to a well-graded gravel road leading to the right and behind the Fortress site. You will run through the streets of the "Old Town" pass the King's Bastion and out through the Dauphin Gate. A causeway leads you from the Fortress and back onto the same paved road that predominated the intial stage of the race. Stay to the right - it is now approximately 2.5 miles to the finish line.

The race is measured using the Jones Counter method. 

Comments from runners of our race

"I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was my first race through time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Nice to run in Cape Breton—home! Thanks to all the volunteers—you did a good job"
"Best race on the local circuit by a mile”
" I had a wonderful run and felt it was organized very well. Kudos to the Race Committee and keep up the good work! See you next year”
"This was my second year and it was excellent as usual! “
"Loved the race! My first one. Lived here all my life and had no idea hwo beautiful it is behind the Fortress along the coast. I enjoyed everything about the race  - even the rain shower and cool breeze. My kind of weather. Thank you! Over all great time! Great people!”
"Was a great time   very uplifting for me personally and a benchmark as I get older and hopefully keep running”
"Excellent in every facet” 

Previous Race Results(1995-2017)

Email Race director Cindy Hynes (Trimm) Race Committee or phone Cindy at 902-733-2351


Only the First Place Awards in each category will be presented during the after race ceremony.

 1)      Top Male & Top Female

 2)      Junior

 3)      Senior

 4)      Masters

 5)      Sr. Masters

 6)      Golden Masters

 7)      Platinum Masters

 8)      Myles Burke Memorial Awards: in honour of the Top Local Male & Top Local Female

Corporate Sponsors:

·       Parks Canada, Louisbourg

·       ACOA & Destination Cape Breton

·       CBRM Recreation & CBRM Sustainability Committee

·       Dr. George Burns, Louisbourg

·       Fortress Louisbourg Association

·       Louisbourg Crab Fest Committee

·       A & L Seafoods Ltd.

·       Lingan Builders 1996 Ltd.

·       Mira Ferry Market & Missy’s Diner

·       Cambridge Suites Hotel, Sydney

·       Lobster Kettle Restaurant, Louisbourg

·       Mullins Rite Stop, Albert Bridge

·       Havenside Fisheries

·       Louisbourg Dollhouse

·       MacMillan Unit UCW, Louisbourg

·       Bateston Volunteer Fire Department

·       Louisbourg Volunteer Fire Department

·       Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage

·       Cory Lahey Fisheries

·    Catalone Convenienve Store

·       Louisbourger/Pizzeria

·       Regional Chiropractic Ltd. (Joel W. Dunn)

·    Belmac Supply Ltd.